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Re-Elect Rex Hardin!


In November 2018 I was fortunate that the residents of Pompano Beach selected me as their representative to lead our city forward as Mayor. Now, I’m asking for the privilege of your vote once again as I am running for re-election.

Our community is undergoing tremendous change as we redevelop our city into a destination that offers amenities and opportunities for our residents and visitors. While many of the changes we are witnessing have been asked for over the years, we need to ensure that our city doesn’t loose it’s small town character that we all love.


The future for our community is indeed bright but there are many challenges that we will face along the path of our redevelopment. As your Mayor I will work tirelessly to make sure our city reflects the wishes of all of our residents and delivers on the great promise that I believe lie ahead.

1940's Pompano Beach Image
2023 Pompano Beach Photo
Bailey Hotel now BACA in Old Pompano Beach Downtown

Rex Hardin Campaign • 131 SE 7th ST, Pompano Beach, FL 33060 • 954-328-5967

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rex Hardin for Pompano Beach Mayor.

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